Inception, Salt

I watched Inception first. The movie can be dragging in some points, but overall it was very good. The concept was simple enough (similar in a way to Matrix), but the way the scenes were presented makes it so much more complicated. Many of my peers watched it again after reading other opinions on whether Mr. Cobb was able to exit the dream world or not. I will wait for the DVD version THEN watch it over and over again. DiCaprio’s acting was very good, reminds me of why I like ‘Catch me if you can’ SO MUCH. will now try to watch Shutter Island. I like his side kick, Levitt (he was so cute, and I like the gravity on no gravity part), and mr. watanabe. All of them were really great, cant wait to watch it again.

SALT. Jolie is very good. If you like adrenaline-rush action movies, this is a better pick. Jolie still making her own stunts is amazing. I hope she does more action films before she retires. She’s still the best Tomb Raider actress for me. Anyway, the movie’s plot was simple, the action scenes take up most of the time. I still cannot get over her jumping from one trailer to another, and the one where she was traversing the apartment walls. Those scenes would have been good in 3D. 😉 The cheesy side of me kicked in when she was desperately searching for her husband. There are scenes in the trailer I do not remember seeing in the film though.

I am not comparing Salt to Inception because they are different genres and I like them both for different reasons. just jointly commented on them in one post.

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the 4D X-Rider

while malling around SM north, some of the (Bio) newbies from chorale wanted to try the newly opened arcades in the 3rd floor. at the top of the elevator, a guy handed us leaflets on a 4D ride. for P100 per head, one can experience 4D (sights, sounds, moving chairs and gusts of wind) for around 5 minutes. we were so excited we went in immediately to hear more about it. there were around 8 clips to choose from. one wanted to try the horror clip, but the four of us were hesitant because we haven’t tried it out yet, eventually, we excused ourselves for a few minutes to go to the CR. I personally was hesitant to ride because I was easily scared of heights. First time we went to EK (with my cousins then) I was pushed to ride the Anchors Away, little did I know what I was getting into. In another trip, when I rode the kiddie roller coaster in EK, somebody got a video of me screaming my head off. (same with flying fiesta). and thus, being with younger people, I was embarrassed that I might puke or faint or be the only one screaming.

Two of my friends joined us and we got in the ride (there were 7 of us). We chose the roller ride clip because we think its quite safe for a first time and exciting. It was fun, the graphics were digital, but with 3D glasses and moving chairs you’d think you were really there. The sudden gush of wind blowing across your face completes the experience. Thinking about it makes my head spin! :)) the sound effects were okay, they could kick it up a notch though. I hope they can improve on the visuals though, more vivid, more realistic pictures. The insects coming in your face was a nice touch. the spider was so nice! the scorpion so-so.. i love the parts of the railroad where there is a big jump to the other side. it ended too soon! I was sweaty from all the shouting, eye shutting and handle gripping. the korean guy who owns the shop was probably happy about our reaction he decided to give us a free clip!! 🙂 I volunteered the second one to be the dinosaurs. it was nice… for children under 12 yo. it lacks the suspense i was expecting (my idea of 4D dinosaur experience involves Jurassic Parks scenes with t-rex chasing after us). later on when we got out, we saw a big flat screen that featured us when we were inside screaming our heads off, unfortunately it was not being recorded.

Maybe in the future they can incorporate selling pictures of people inside the theater or video recordings of their “adventure” in the 4D theater, I would definitely buy one! i think it would be really fun to watch our reactions to the screen. too bad there was no video of our first time (and second time)..

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I am Annie.

I tend to have an opinion about everything. Sometimes its about sharing good memories, sometimes ranting and rambling about some bad driver, usually saying something on new food, places, events, etc. I now try to avoid commenting on other people per se, things tend to get complicated. I do not claim to be a critique, I merely want to share my experiences to others, maybe help them with their first time, or show directions to a new place, or just have a good laugh.

I am currently in a stage where I try to drink in everything around me. Experience life. I try to expand my horizons and reach for my dreams. So don’t judge me.

Constructive comments (with my writing), or sharing your own personal experiences are very much welcome. Thanks for reading!

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